New Adventure Recovery Center

New Adventure Recovery Center was the first Teen Challenge rehab for teenage boys. It remains a highly progressive addiction recovery program for boys that is highly staffed and highly effective. While recovering from drugs or alcohol, your boy will continue his education, and catch up on or retake educational credits to improve his grades.

addiction recoveryNew Adventure Recovery Center is a licensed addiction and behavioral recovery facility. The energetic addiction therapists encourage the boys to apply appropriate solutions to addiction and other life problems. They endeavor to help troubled boys become mentally sound and drug-free for a lifetime, not just for the short time they are on the campus.

If nothing else is working for your boy today, and he is involved in substance abuse, enrolling him in this residential program will help him before he becomes an out of control and addicted Adult .  Our program uses adventure and outings in the wilderness to help provide an atmosphere for change. 

New Adventure Recovery Center is designed to help your boy when:

  • teen challenge ranchInappropriate behaviors are placing his (or your) health or life at risk  
  • He is involved in illicit drugs, non-prescribed meds, huffing, or alcohol
  • He was expelled from school or is facing legal problems
  • He is deeply entangled with friends who are a negative influence
  • He keeps returning to negative behaviors even after periods of time when he has been doing well
  • Your boy’s behaviors, actions or attitudes could endanger his life and future.

New Adventure Recovery Center is a dual-diagnosis, licensed addiction recovery licensed facility and boarding school, helping teenage boys recover from addictions and out of control behavior while they also continue their education.

Teen addiction recovery services and licensed drug and alcohol addiction counseling are a regular part of this program’s recovery, since misbehavior and substance abuse usually go hand in hand. Multiple outcomes studies have proven that the recovery rate and long-term success rate of this program tops the substance abuse recovery industry.

These insurance carriers and others will cover much of the cost:

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New Adventure Recovery Center has a 31-acre campus which is surrounded by the beautiful Ozark Mountains. There are five buildings on the campus:

  • The Center Main Building — This newly built 22,000 square foot building was completed in 2017.  The building houses our Learning Center which has several classrooms, a tutoring area, and group therapy rooms.  This building also has several offices for counseling and case management, as well as admissions and administrative offices. There is a large commercial kitchen and dining hall, two conference rooms, and a 250 seat chapel with professional sound and lighting.
  • Gym — This historic building contains a gymnasium, a strength and conditioning center, and two separate dormitory areas.
  • Dormitory — The main dormitory has two wings and houses eight students on each wing. Each student has his own private bedroom, which is uncommon for most therapeutic schools. There are two separate large living areas with a game room area in each.
  • Reed House — This building houses up to 8 students and is reserved for those students who are close to finishing the program. It is set up in a more traditional family-style manner with house parents. Students in this building do have roommates. They participate in the running of the home, help with meals and household chores, and prepare for their transition back home.
  • Shop — A 2800 square foot vocational shop where they teach carpentry, shop skills, and other types of vocational classes.
  • Other — Large storage and maintenance building that is sometimes used for vocational training, but is predominately used for storage and campus maintenance.
  • Adventure Course — We have a large outdoor activity area including a 14-element Adventure Course, a disc golf course, a volleyball area, and areas for flag football and other recreational activities. Being located in the Ozarks and close to National Forest areas gives the program the ability to take part in numerous outdoor activities such as canoeing, rappelling, spelunking (cave exploration), rock climbing, fishing, hiking, etc.

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Rehab for teenage boys with affordable substance recovery and addiction recovery for teenage boys in and around Northwest Arkansas, including: Fayetteville, Rogers and Springdale in Washington and Benton Counties, Fort Smith in Sebastian County, Tahlequah in Cherokee County, Van Buren and Alma in Crawford County, Sallisaw in Sequoyah County, and Muskogee and Clarksville in Johnson County.

New Adventure Recovery Center
19778 Boys Rehab Rd
Morrow, AR 72749
Local Phone: (479) 848-3105